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For administrators

Chromebook monitoring, filtering and theft recovery for schools

With GoGuardian, educators feel safe allowing students to access the most powerful education tool ever created – the internet – without fear of harmful content or distractions getting in the way of learning. What’s more, usage insights and analytics help schools to better understand how their technology is being used, so that they can positively influence student behaviour.

Browser monitoring

Know what each student is viewing at any time – and intervene when necessary.

YouTube control

Control which videos your students can watch by keyword, category or channel.

At-home filtering

Protect and monitor student activity both inside and outside the classroom.

Flagged activity

Catch inappropriate behaviour based on selected terms and keywords.

Theft recovery

Never worry about losing a Chromebook again.

Engagement analytics

Usage data helps you to gain insights to improve classroom performance.

For administrators

Classroom technology management made simple

Gain even more precise control over how technology is used in your school with GoGuardian for Teachers.

Built from the ground up with classroom management in mind, GoGuardian for Teachers is the answer for educators looking to improve performance, focus and encouragement in the classroom.


Every student’s browsing activity, in real-time, on a single, easy-to-navigate page.

Site jump

Send one or more students to any website, instantly.

Screen viewing

See what’s on your students’ screens at any time and save screen-shots.

Student history

Explore previous sessions to see what students were doing at any time.

Focus control

With the click of a button, close tabs and lock screens for eyes up front.

Behaviour reports

Learn when and where your students are losing focus and find new ways to improve engagement.