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Chrome First

Chromebooks can deliver both Google and Microsoft platforms whilst cutting upfront costs, always staying up-to-date and eliminating the need to image devices. With Chromebooks in kiosk mode, you can facilitate the use of all your Office 365 applications at the same time as receiving the benefits of reduced management complexity and a lower TCO. Also, with Google, there are additional ways to make YouTube safer, enforce Google safe search and open up selective Google services like Hangouts and Google Classroom.

IT realities we hear from UK schools

As schools become increasingly dependent on their educational ICT provision, they need to reduce amount of routine technical front-line support for devices in the classroom.

Schools need to prioritise cost effective, best value and sustainable solutions – ensuring that decisions made today can take full advantage of the opportunities of tomorrow.

Confidence of teachers in using ICT is key to the school meeting its educational objectives. Therefore devices needs to “just work”, regardless of the learning platform.

The larger, more complex the school, the greater the need to provide learners and teachers choices across a range of ICT tools.

As well as being affordable, Chromebooks...

Can deliver your choice of web-based platform

Chromebooks as kiosks can run Google Workspace and/or Office 365 flexibly, minimising change management and maximising value

Public session data is cleared on logout when using the Chromebook in kiosk mode

Give IT teams back time and money

65% less in staff time managing devices

92% reduction in troubleshooting time

75% less time to apply/manage security

93% reduction in time to deploy devices

No viruses or ransomware... EVER!

Leverage resources to solve problems

Enforce Google safesearch on devices

Manage YouTube effectively

Cast wirelessly with Cast for Education

Enable flexible access to Google services like Hangouts, Classroom, Sites and Forms