Be Chrome-Ready, Right Out of the Box.


Our pre-configuration services ensure that your Chromebooks are ready to go straight into the classroom, virtually eliminating Out-of-Box Failure, Dead-on-Arrival deliveries and merchandise replacements, whilst saving your IT staff the preparatory hassle associated with most other equipment purchases.

Image illustrating checking for hardware and/or application errors!Powering up all devices and checking for hardware and/or application errors.
Plus they're super secure!Updating the Chrome OS to the latest version.
Plus they're super secure!Enrolling the system to your school’s domain.
Plus they're super secure!Applying wireless network configuration settings.
Plus they're super secure!Management console set-up, and device enrollment.
Plus they're super secure!Enrollment of the Chromebook devices into your schools Google Apps account.  
Plus they're super secure!Applying asset tags, engraving, branding, and data capture for asset management.


Asset tagging and branding

Portable devices are highly susceptible to theft. Asset tags can act as deterrent to prospective thieves...

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Deployment and Migration

We can tailor our services to ensure the smoothest transition between legacy systems and your new Chrome environment.

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