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LapCabby Lyte 10 Multi Door (10 Device | Static AC | Charging Cabinet)

    • 10-Device Static AC Charging Locker for Laptops, Tablets & Chromebooks up to 15 - Horizontal
    • Charges 10 Devices up to 15 screen size
    • Individual Charging Compartments
    • Multi-Layered Security System for users, admins and master code holders
    • Fast Charging
    • Built to Last with high density materials
    • Silent Charging with unique ventilation system and no noisy fan
    • Support for Life with Lifetime Warranty (5 years electrical), ships fully assembled

Product information

Device Protection

  • Devices sit horizontally within individually secured yet roomy compartments to protect the devices during charging
  • Each compartment fits up to a 15″ laptop and can accommodate other chargeable items such as photography, tooling, POS, diagnostic equipment


  • Charges 10 devices up to 15″ screen size – laptops, Chromebooks, tablets and other chargeable equipment
  • Locker has 2 x 5-way power strips installed, 1 per compartment, designed and manufactured in-house
  • IEC socket with 1.8m / 6ft power cord designed to snap out if pulled away from the wall to prevent damage
  • Simultaneous charging of all 10 devices to ensure devices are fully charged as fast as possible


  • Perfect for use in busy common areas such as cafeterias, breakout zones, gyms, locker rooms and staff rooms
  • Built to commercial grade furniture standards, passing tests for durability, stability and weight bearing loads for high impact usage
  • Top surface overhangs at the rear to allow the top surface to sit flush against the wall but still allowing fresh air to circulate through the back of the unit
  • Weight bearing L-shaped feet are fitted to the base of the unit to ensure air circulation and easy cleaning
  • Tested to comply with Healthcare Infection Control Procedures to ensure unit can be cleaned thoroughly, according to healthcare guidelines, preventing the spread of infection

Security & Protection

  • Industrial grade digital combination lock secures each compartment
  • In case a user forgets their code to the digital lock or access to a compartment is needed, a three-tiered security system with a User, Technician and Master Code level can override if necessary. Silent ventilation system includes side and rear vents to keep devices cool with constant air circulation without the need for a noisy fan that can also spread germs
  • Safety tested and certified by the independent Underwriters’ Laboratory (UL)

Set Up

  • Ships fully assembled with L-shaped feet already fitted
  • Admin and master codes are programmed prior to delivery and listed in supplied instructions booklet
  • Instruction Booklet supplied with technical support via phone, email or 24/7 live chat on hand