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Make G Suite for Education school-ready

Transform productivity applications into a platform for teaching and learning.

Making the grade with Hapara Dashboard

Hapara Dashboard streamlines teaching and school operations by making Google Apps for Education more useful and usable.

Teachers can:

Teachers can view and guide student progress more easily throughout their learning process.

Hapara Dashboard is a platform that provides class and student-based views and other capabilities which makes Google Apps for Education more useful and usable in schools.

Dashboard gives visibility into Gmails and any work shared by learners so teachers can better advance their learning. SIS integration can be purchased as an add-on to synchronise rosters.

Dashboard is only available with other Hapara products. Combined with Highlights, teachers gain visibility into Blogger, Sites and student browsing to more effectively guide learning. Combined with Workspace, teachers can engage students with more differentiated and personalised activities.

Hapara Highlights

A Chrome-based tool for guiding students’ online learning.

With Highlights

The Activity Viewer delivers a bird’s eye view of sites students visit so teachers can keep them on task. Teachers can also tag activities to provide guidance and feedback at a later time.

Teachers have visibility into Gmail, Docs, Google+, Sites and browsing activities and can engage students in conversations about their learning and online behaviour.

Teachers can facilitate class more actively by sharing files or URLs, opening tabs and locking screens to focus browsing.

Teacher-to-student messaging saves class time by enabling teachers to provide more personalised and private feedback.